Casey Sargent Veterinary Assistant

Casey Sargent

Casey was born and raised in South Carolina and has been caring for animals for a great portion of her life. She started by volunteering at her local shelter and pet sitting for friends and family. 

Helping in a spay & neuter clinic, Casey's interest in veterinary medicine was solidified and she has strived to further her experience
and knowledge in this field ever since. Helping compassionately with critters comes naturally to her and she likes to monitor anesthesia and post-op patients. Their comfort comes first in her mind. She is calm even with the hard-to-restrain animals and realizes they are struggling because of fear or anxiety. She often sings to her patients while blood draws are being done ... and they actually do calm down! Her goal is to ensure that every pet's and client's visit is as stress free as possible and that every pet is treated with the respect it deserves. 

In her spare time, Casey enjoys cooking, painting, drawing and journaling.

Her giant mush-ball cat Louie is the love of her life and getting fatter by the minute much to her chagrin and spoiling him and playing with him to keep him fit, while listening to music is her favorite pass-time.Lily her other feline on the other hand favors being regal and observing their tantics with disdain!

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