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There are so many owners that we are grateful to for putting their pets well-being in our hands. Not to mention the pets themselves - for implicitly trusting in us and knowing that we mean them no harm and are here to help them. Through the years I have been blessed to see the benefits of modern medicine work its wonders on dogs, cats, sitting_fatcat.jpghorses, goats, llamas, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, sugar gliders and more. Whether they be big or little, hairy or not, big-eared or small - they all have taught me so much. To be in the moment, to forgive with a smile, to treat each person with respect and non-judgment.........the list goes on.

So, in honor of all those animals, and the ones I am yet to encounter, I dedicate this page of healing to my teachers, the pets. Each month will feature a different medical or surgical case for you to follow - some with pictures. This is my way of sharing with you the 'feeling good' part of veterinary medicine. Though not all critters can be saved, the ones that are saved and do well  - help US heal - in many ways.

Please view the cases and pictures before deciding whether you want your  children to see this - some pictures may be graphic or bloody.

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Brodie, a 12 year old miniature schnauzer came to us because his mother noticed he was acting unusual. In his case - not eating right, acting lethargic and had vomited Read More

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