Mass Removal

One of the hardest parts about being a pet owner is that you can’t always tell when something’s wrong with your companion. The veterinarians at Park View Veterinary Hospital in Boonton, NJ would like to take some of the guess-work out of owning a pet with our annual pet wellness checkup. During this thorough examination, we may notice something unusual. To be more specific, we may notice an unusual growth. What does that unusual growth mean and what do you need to do next?


Is Mass Removal Surgery Always Necessary?

Finding a growth developing on your pet’s body can cause alarm bells to start going off in your head. Before you let panic set in though, it’s worth reminding yourself that a growth is not a sure sign of something dangerous.

Even if that mass you just found on your pet is indeed a tumor, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your friend has contracted a serious disease. Remember that tumors can be of the benign or malignant variety. If the tumor does turn out to be malignant, chances are that surgery will be recommended at some point. It may even be the required form of treatment in most cases.

But what if the lump you found on your pet is deemed to be benign? A procedure may still be needed in the future, but it may not be required. Our veterinarian may simply ask you to keep an eye on things to see if the growth develops in a more troubling way.

You should always take your pet to the veterinarian regardless of what you think a new growth is. Finding out what the growth is should be a priority as fast treatment can often be beneficial for your furry friend.

What You Should Do Following Your Pet’s Mass Removal Surgery

The immediate days and moments following the procedure are going to be particularly rough on your pet. Your pet may find it difficult to move around and even if he or she manages to do so, those movements may be accompanied by significant amounts of pain.

Keep a close eye on your pet throughout this period and make sure that he or she is able to relax at least a little bit. If you notice something unusual, feel free to contact our vet with any questions or concerns.

Veterinary Care in Boonton

The mass on your pet’s body could be nothing or it could be the sign of something serious. If you live in the Boonton area and you’re concerned about a new mass on your pet, call Park View Veterinary Hospital today at (973) 263-5600.

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