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pvvhdoors.jpgAt Park View Veterinary Hospital, we strive to meet all of your pet's needs - as soon as possible. We have an in house laboratory, Xray machine and processor, ultrasound etc and can do whatever is needed to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of your pet so discomfort and pain are minimized and he or she are well on their way to being healed when they leave the premises.


 While our diagnostics facilitate great medicine, here at Park View Veterinary Hospital, we also do a variety of surgical procedures including dental, soft tissue (spay, neuter, mass removals etc) and some orthopedics. We do hospitalize any patients that require intravenous fluids and other treatments and are more than happy to see you visit them during their stay.

Please look through these pages to see our facility and if you have questions or would like to see us, feel free to drop by for a visit.


The Cat Exam Room: 

calico.jpgEli_Feldhiem.jpgExamining kitties in a room with a window keeps them engaged in looking outdoors and not paying much 'scared' attention to what is being checked out!

We have found that many of them calm down when allowed to sniff the room at their own pace.......or allowed to view us from the top of the room! 

The table top acts as  a scale so that they are comfortable and we can get a weight without having to move them.




The Dog Exam Room: Having a scale that lifts the pet for you saves the arms of the person holding the pet but more than that makes it easy for routine procedures to be done right in front of you! Whether it is a nail trim or vaccines or blood-draws, your pet is soothed by your presence in the room and this makes the visit much more pleasurable. The non-skid mat on the table assures sure footing so the pet feels safe.

DrVsurg.jpg Surgery: The surgery room is well equipped with all the essentials for various surgeries such as spays, neuters, tumor removals, and some orthopedic procedures. Your pet is well monitored while under safe gas anesthesia and the vitals are checked regularly. The clean and well-regulated atmosphere makes surgery a safe undertaking.


Any time your pet undergoes surgery, whether elective or routine, you receive a call as soon as the pet is in recovery and extubated so that you do not worry and are advised of the progress as well as the pick up time, which is usually the same evening. At discharge you are given written instructions and explained the care of and do's and don'ts during the post op recovery period.


xrayrm.jpgLaboratory: The necessity of xrays and possibly ultrasound for some cases is easily taken care of since both are offered on our premises. Digital xrays are instantaneous and discussed with you as soon as they are taken and read. Each modality shows different aspects of what is going on with your pet and the results are available the same day so that treatment can begin immediately  to heal your pet without further delay.

Any blood work that is needed can be performed in house in our 



laboratory and the results are available in 30 minutes for use before surgery or for monitoring a sick patient. Our staff can perform blood chemistry, complete blood counts, heartworm and lyme tests,  

feline leukemia / feline aids tests, cortisol or thyroid levels and other tests on the various instruments in our lab.  Fecal samples can be checked for parasites and treatment started immediately.



A video otoscope enables us to look deep inside the pets ear and visualize whether the ear drum is intact and if there is an infection that needs to be treated. As part of any ear exam, you see this for yourself as the doctor examines the ears. This instrument also allows for deep ear canal flushes under anesthesia if needed.

Call us at 973-263-5600 to make an appointment!


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