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Pet Dental Health Comes First at Park View Veterinary Hospital

We all love our pets like family, and we understand how important it is to make sure that they are healthy and happy. Though sometimes we forget about the dental health of our pets. Pet dental health is a serious component in having animals because if you neglect their teeth, your pets will be in a lot of pain due to cavities that can get infected.

Aside from regularly cleaning their mouth and brushing their teeth, the American Veterinary Medical Association Recommends that you bring them in for an annual pet dental check up with your veterinarian. Be sure to take them in a reputable facility like ours at the Park View Veterinary Hospital in Boonton.


Why Do Your Pets Need Dental Care?

We at the Park View Veterinary Hospital promote the routine cleaning of your pet’s teeth because it is critical to have a clean mouth where a lot of bacterial reside. Most of all, pet dental is an essential component of keeping their mouths healthy, as well as their overall well-being.

Failure to maintain the dental health of your pets is important because neglect can lead to a host of other problems. At the same time, poor mouth health can signify that your pets can also be suffering from an illness, and the bad state of your pet’s mouth can be a sign or symptom of diseases.

Who Should Do Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaning?

The frequent cleaning of your pet’s mouth rests on you. You can brush their mouth and wipe the insides once a day. The more critical visits need the aid of your veterinarian who has the skills in proper veterinary dentistry. They can do the more complex procedures like thorough dental prophylaxis, pulling out an infected canine, and more.

What Can You Expect with Your Veterinarian Appointment?

At Park View Veterinary Hospital in Boonton, we begin with a thorough examination and inspection of your pet’s mouth. Depending on the case, our veterinarian may ask for an X-ray to get the complete picture of your pet’s mouth health. This allows us to check their jaws and tooth roots which are beneath the gumline.

Majority of disease occur below the gumline so inspection must be done, along with a through dental cleaning. Your pet will not have to face any discomfort due to the fact that they will be under anesthesia during the cleaning process. Cleaning includes tartar and plaque removal, along with polishing.

When to See Us at Park View Veterinary Hospital?

If you notice your pet has unusual bad breath, has a broken tooth, has an extra tooth, has discolored teeth, or has swelling around the mouth, you need to take them in for an evaluation. If your pet is not eating, drooling, chewing, and refusing to eat, you must also consider deeper tooth issues. Take them to us right away at Park View Veterinary Hospital. 

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